Grooving Heads

Over the years, bridge deck grooving, airport runway grooving and longitudinal roadway grooving have become a very popular and accepted practice in federal and state road specifications. Grooving provides anti-skid and traction to a surface, making it much safer for the traveling public. Wel-Co has grown with this trend. Today, Wel-Co manufactures some of the most versatile grooving blades in the industry, maintaining low blade and production costs. Grooving%20Heads%20still%20bottom%20p.10.tif

Application Specs


Hard aggregate


Soft to medium aggregate


Limestone or other soft abrasive aggregates


Available Sizes   
    12” x .125
    12” x .230
    12” x .250
    14” x .125
    14” x .230
    14” x .250