Some of the products Wel-co manufactures!
 In today's diamond tool market, every manufacturer offers "new, improved, super ultra premium blades". Unfortunately, not all of these "super" blades are a good any price! Before you buy your next diamond blade, cup or bit, talk with a Wel-Co representative to learn how we can increase your overall performance and decrease your overall cost. While most of our competitors are supplying imported product or have moved their manufacturing Overseas, Wel-Co continues to provide top quality American made products to save you money.

Wel-Co, American made, American owned, here to serve all your diamond tool cutting needs.

Call us for an application recommendation and a referral to one of our many trained, quality distributors or representatives.

Choose Your Diamond Tools

To get the correct tool for your application, answer the questions below:

  1. What type of material are you cutting (i.e. concrete, tile, stone)?
         a. If concrete or asphalt, what type aggregate and sand has been used?
         b. What size and how much steel is there?
         c. Is the brick or block soft or hard; light or heavyweight?
  2. Are you cutting wet or dry?
  3. What equipment will you be using (i.e. HP, style, rpm)?
  4. How deep will you be cutting?
  5. How much do you have to cut?

Catalog Pages with MSRP Pricing           

                       Table of Contents   
                       Dry High Speed Blades   
                       Standard Walk Behind Blades   
                       Small Diameter Segmented Blades   
                       Tile and Serrated Blades   
                       Grinding Cups and Discs        
                       Hydraulic Hand Saw Blades   
                  Premium Concrete Walk Behind Blades   
                  Premium Asphalt Green Blades  
                  Dry Cut Walk Behind Blades   
                  Premium Joint Cleaning and Widening Blades   
                  Dry Masonry Blades   
                  Wet Masonry Blades   
                  Refractory Blades   
                  Precast/Prestressed Blades   
                  Road Marking, Grinding and Grooving   
                  Premium Wet Core Bits                         
                  Prestressed and Dry Core Bits   
                  Gator Tooth Core Bits  
                  Core Drill GR1  
                  Core Drill GR2  
                  Hand Held Core Drill  
                  Core Drilling Accessories  
                  Granite Tools  
                  Wel-Cut Blades  
                  Wel-Cut Blades and Cups  
                  Wel-Cut Core Drilling  
                  Gator Electric Brick Saw  
                  Walk Behind Saw  

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