Worn Out (Short Life)



There are several factors that can lead to diamond blades wearing out prematurely. These include improper blade specification, improper blade RPM, inadequate water flow or improper use of dry cutting blades.

To get maximum life from a diamond tool it is important to select the proper blade specification for the application. For example, using a cured concrete blade in abrasive materials such as green concrete or asphalt will cause the blade to wear out prematurely or using a high speed saw blade on a walk behind saw will also lead to short life.

Another cause of short blade life is improper blade RPM. Diamond saw blades are designed to run at a surface speed of 11.000 feet per minute. A blade run at a lower than recommended RPM will act softer and wear faster.

Inadequate water flow on a wet cutting blade will also lead to short life. Water not only acts as a coolant, but it flushes the fines out of the cut.

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