Dry Grinding Cups


Wel-Co Grinding Cups are manufactured in a variety of specs and price levels.  They are manufactured by Wel-Co in the USA. They are produced using the best diamonds and metals available. They are designed for the fastest cut and lowest cost available in their price range. A range of styles are available to match the cup with the job. Each cup has a wide cut-ability range to assure versatility form job to job.


Available Sizes
Diameter   Arbor
4"   7/8"
4"   5/8-11THR
4.5"   7/8"
4.5"   5/8-11THR
5"   7/8"
5"   5/8-11THR
7"   7/8"
7"   5/8-11THR

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Cup Specs


Has a 1/4” (.250) wide diamond segment rim for a fast removal rate on concrete


Has angled 1/4” (.250) diamond
segments which create the widest rim for fast removal with a smooth f
inish on concrete


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