Refractory Blades with
Noise Reduction Steel Cores

Wel-Co Refractory Blades are available with specially designed steel cores for noise reduction. The noise level with these cores will be reduced approximately 10 decibels when sawing. The decibel reduction can be converted into a 50% reduction of the audible noise level impression.

Wel-Co Noise Reduction Core: Wel-Co utilizes a unique core to achieve noise reduction. Anchor slots are laser cut at the base of the key ways and “musical note” patterns are cut into the core body. These varying patterns help deaden the “ring” found in normal steel cores along with establishing an acceptable harmonic impression. Call us with any questions regarding diamond blade noise reduction.

All of the refractory blades are available with a noise reduction core. Just add “NRC” to the specification number when ordering.
Example: R-1 NRC 14 x .115 x 1


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